Jordyn Jones – BELLO Magazine “Beauty Issue” Cover Feature

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Jordyn Jones – BELLO Magazine “Beauty”




BELLO Mag: What was your experience like on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition?

Jordyn Jones: My experience on the first season of “AUDC” was really exciting. I loved meeting Abby and all of the other contestants, I’m still friends with some of them. I loved doing all of the ‘challenges’ and getting the opportunity to work with so many different choreographers.

BM: Would you ever compete in a talent show again?

JJ: I actually don’t think I would ever do a reality show competition again. It made sense for me at that time in my life but I have a career now that I need to focus on.

BM: Your cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” was such a huge success! Aside from Iggy, who is your dream artist to collaborate with?

JJ: I would love to collaborate with Fifth Harmony, Becky G, Taylor Swift or my new obsession Alessia Cara!

BM: You’re very active on social media with Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. What is your favorite platform to connect with your fans?

JJ: My favorite platform is Instagram, which is also where I hold “Talk with Jordyn Tuesday” where I try to answer questions for my fans. Twitter is also fun because I can say whatever is on my mind and get instant feedback from my followers.

BM: What has been your most career-defining moment to date?

JJ: Probably when I did a cover to Sharaya J’s “Banji.” The music video went viral and my career snowballed from there.

BM: You’ve mentioned you’re a big fan of “Scream Queens.” Would you ever want to make a cameo appearance on the show?

JJ: Absolutely!

BM: Describe to me what role you would want to play on the show?

JJ: I would love to be in a flashback scene where I would play a younger Chanel No. 1.

BM: Can you tell your fans about any upcoming projects you are working on?

JJ: I recently shot a role in the new AwesomenessTV feature film called “Dance Camp” where they also used my original song “I’m Dappin.” I also filmed another movie this summer called “InstaFamous.” I am constantly in the studio recording new music and also planning some more videos, particularly a song with Josh Levi, which I am going to release right before Christmas. We just shot a pilot for a dance tutorial series for AwesomenessTV and there is another music series in the works. My photoshoot with Madison James that I did with Hayes Grier will also be released soon!

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Photographer: William Callan | Stylist: Johnny Wujek | Makeup: Nicole Walmsley | Hair: Maureen Burke




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